Advocate Oil & Gas

Advocate Oil and Gas specializes in the purchase of oil and gas mineral interests and royalty interests. Our team has managed over $100,000,000.00 in acquisitions and has successfully completed thousands of Oil and Gas Mineral and Royalty purchases during the past 11 years.

Through our vast industry connections we have developed world class acquisition capabilities. We are able to quickly close transactions at maximum market values when other so-called experts take a much longer and complicated process. Our in-house team can handle all evaluations, documentations, title research assignments and Deed filings.

All costs associated with selling your asset are covered by Advocate Oil and Gas. As professionals, we have the experience and infrastructure to quickly and smoothly conclude transactions. We primarily work with individuals, just like you. We also work with landmen, geologists, institutions, trusts, attorneys and estate managers.

Our Philosophies

  • We are a company governed by integrity and known for our premium ethics.
  • We are our customers’ preferred partner and trusted ally.
  • We are a champion for our clients, employees and the communities where we work.
  • We help our customers sell their Oil and Gas Interests at maximum value in a minimum of time with simplicity, honesty, accuracy and courtesy.

Meet Our Executives

  • Brent Bawden
    Brent Bawden President

    Brent’s leadership and energy have created a company governed by integrity, known for its premium ethics and ignited by his enthusiastic approach to personal service.

    Brent Leon Bawden has experienced the Oil and Gas Industry from the ground up. After college, he gained experience in the areas of Financial Planning, Venture Capital Fund Raising and Land Development. As an Entrepreneur, Brent has had the privilege of working with and for Fortune 100 companies throughout the United States. He also takes great pride in his ability to connect on a very personal level with the individual, or “Mom and Pop” Mineral Rights/Royalty owner.

    After being in the Oil and Gas Industry as a longtime Mineral and Royalty owner, he transitioned to a leadership position in Oil and Gas Asset Management and Acquisition. With supervision in hundreds of transactions, his connections and experience heavily influence all associated with Advocate Oil and Gas.

    Ethics, integrity and service to community have been Brent’s constant guideposts and have enabled him to maintain dynamic, long term relationships that continue to benefit his customers and clients.

    ​Brent is married, has six children and nine grandchildren.

  • Troy Slater
    Troy Slater VP of Land

    Troy Slater has completed countless complex Mineral title research projects, title curative work assignments and Oil and Gas Lease acquisitions in TX, OK, AK, LA and NM.

    Troy, a Texas native, has land work in his genealogy. For four generations his family has been involved in surveying the Texas landscape. Beginning in his early teens, he spent his summers reading deeds and learning survey descriptions. This background has given Troy a great depth of understanding with the complex nuances involved in Oil and Gas title work.

    Troy’s early background and many years of work in Real Estate became the springboard to his success as he transitioned to the Oil and Gas Industry in 2001. As a licensed Landman, he has completed countless assignments with industry giants such as Devon and Chesapeake and is skilled in complex evaluations and acquisitions. His focused attention to detail has given him the reputation for excellence and accuracy in the Oil and Gas industry.

    His experience in overseeing teams of Landmen and title researchers have made him a valued member of our management team.

    Troy is married and has four children and seven grandchildren.

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