Why Sell

Why sell your oil and gas minerals
interests or royalty rights?

Why sell your oil and gas minerals interests or royalty rights?

Our experience working with many owners has taught us that everyone has a unique reason for selling all or part of their Mineral Interests and Royalty Rights. Selling part of what you own is an option we are happy to explore with you and one that many owners find meets their immediate needs without eliminating all of their Oil and Gas assets.

Some of our owners sell assets to fulfill a dream they’ve had, such as buying a vacation home. Some need money for college or a family wedding. Some have liquidated a portion of their Mineral Rights to receive quick cash to cover a medical emergency or family situation.

Benefits of selling

  • Large payout allows you to diversify investments
  • Eliminates estate issues and expenses
  • Freedom from the hassles of managing Oil and Gas Interests
  • Ability to plan for retirement, contribute to children’s education, etc.
  • Opens up opportunities for travel and to enjoy life

Receive a Bid

No-Obligation & Confidential

We welcome the opportunity to give you a no-obligation opinion of value. All inquiries and transactions are strictly confidential. Just fill out the Request an Offer form and one of our team members will contact you shortly.